Question How to Boot from HP H240 SAS Controler Raid to Windows .


Feb 3, 2014
Direct Question is at bottom, the rest is to understand where I stand in my trial and error of this matter. Thanks TH.

Ok so I'm gonna need some help setting this system up. This all started when I wanted to upgrade my HP Elitedesk 800 G2 SFF.
I purchased two 4tb 7200 HP Enterprise HDDs on eBay to load with games and videos. After they arrived I found that they were SAS and not SATA drives. So, I purchased an HPEnterprise H240 SAS/HBA Controller for my last PCIE slot to connect the SAS drives. I got the H240 Controller installed, firmware updated to current 7.00 and was able to build a RAID 0 with the two HDDs using HP's Smart Storage Admin. I then loaded them up with some games to see how it all felt...and all worked great. However...
I had the 2 SAS drives sitting on top of the open case with the orignal two SATA HDDs conected to my motherboard inside. I did not like this at all as it was just to test it all. I can only fit two 3.5 drives and one 2.5 inside the SFF PC case. Windows 10 is installed on my old SATA drive and I wanted to remove the SATA drives completely. So.. I orderd another drive.... an 2.5 HP 200GB 12Gbps SAS3 SSD to clone windows to. I setup just the C:/ drive and SAS SSD in the PC alone to do the cloning. I set the single SAS SSD to RAID 0 and began the cloning. After cloning the C:/ drive to the SSD I found That I cant find any way to boot to the SAS SSD or even get it to see the Drive in BIOS . Now if I boot from the original SATA drive then I can once again see my SAS SSD in HP Smart Storage Administrator after I'm back in Windows. I seed to boot from the H240 to the SSD connected. Any Help

Is there a way I can boot directly from the SAS3 SSD to Win10 with the 2 SAS HDDS set in Raid 0... all through The H240 card without any SATA drives conected to the Motherboard. Do I need a boot USB for Bios or sonething? Please help been at this a week and a half. Thanks
When the various POST screens are flashing by. If there isn't a new one specifically for your new RAID Controller. Then odds are your computer's BIOS doesn't support booting off a controller card.

Also if there are no boot order or HDD order options for the controller first. It probably isn't supported. I didn't see anything in the BIOS setup notes about using a controller card.