How to build a gaming pc, or something similar that can run it?


Oct 30, 2011
Okay so if you've seen my previous thread i wanted to know if my laptop could have a graphics card changed(which it can't) errm where was i goin with this, oh yeah right basicaly what i want to know is the components and stuff in order to build a gaming pc or at least a pc that can run games quite well(not on the level of bf3 or crysis, but hopefully to play skyrim and rage) hopefully that made sense XD

anyways i dont really know what i need as im a noob at computers and only started my pc gaming like 4 weeks ago XD
but i know i need a
-graphics card
-hard drive
-erm some other things also

anywho, i want to know how much it'll cost me to get all of this
also i would like it if someone whos built there own computer(gaming or just normal) how much it cost them and specs of their comp and if it runs games well(smoothly)

thanx for the help :)

by the way my budget is about 200-400 optimistically but just gove help and advice anyway :)