?How to burn to DVD when not logged in (scheduled)?


Aug 27, 2006
-I've got some data I want to backup at night when the computer is not in use.
-I use NTBACKUP to create an archive (data.bkf). I could have used anything, but I'm familiar with this and I know how to work with it.
-The backup runs at 11pm and finishes in under an hour.

-I now want to automatically burn the data.bkf file to DVD at night as well.
-I want to be able to log out at the end of the day (for security and to release any files that are in use) and just insert a new blank DVD-R disk and have it burn the DVD sometime after the backup finishes (let's say 4am).

-I'm not using RW DVD's (need multiple restore points)
-I have Nero 6 Express installed
-I'm running Windows XP Home SP2

-I tried to use Nero BackItUp, but it does not run as a background service, so it only burns the DVD after I log back in in the morning (not what I want).

Anyone know of a way to schedule a DVD burn to run at a certain time when no one is logged in (ie: at the logon screen)?
You'll most likely have to purchase back-up software that will allow you to do this. Can you burn the files using XP's built-in burning software? If so, it may be possible to use task scheduler to do what you require. If not, you'll have to purchase other software that will allow you to back up to a DVD.


Jul 21, 2006
I've done exactly what you want to do previously using CreateCD (http://isorecorder.alexfeinman.com/CreateCD.htm). It doesn't mention DVD support on the web site, but since it's using the burning engine built into Windows XP, I would guess it should work fine.