Question How to change clock speed of memory in dell optiplex?

Aug 27, 2019
I have a dell optiplex motherboard and the supported ram in the motherboard is rated up to 1333mhz and I put 1666mhz ram into it. I checked task manager and it showed the the ram was under clocking at 1067mhz only. Is there a way to change the clock speed of memory for dell optiplex computers? I tried accessing the dell optiplex bios and it’s pretty restrictive so I can’t really change any settings.
There sure is! You could do it the official Dell way of buying a new Dell that supports faster memory.

Or you can program the SPD chips in the memory to list the 1333 timings your Dell can understand, if they are not already there (certain brands such as Patriot omit these). If you look at the table and find it already has 1333 timings, then the Dell BIOS may be programmed to slow things down when 4 sticks are used, or restricts 1333 operation to only supported processors with a native memory speed of 1333. After all, running @ 1333 speed on a 1066-only Pentium or Celeron would be considered overclocking.