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How To Change The Caption Font And Background In Windows 10

Changing the caption font, style, color and size of your Windows 10 closed captions is very important for many users out there. Also it is important, in order to see them under any or all circumstances to select a matching background color that will highlight the writing. It is very simple to do and you can go through several trial and errors with it ,if you want so. Read on, follow the steps and enjoy your Windows 10 like never before.

Step 1
Go to your ‘Settings’ menu

Type the word [b]‘Settings’[/B] on the search bar of your start menu and the ‘Settings’ option will appear right on top as your best match. Click on it to enter the menu.

Step 2
Access the ‘Ease of Access’ menu

Once the different options of the ‘Settings’ menu populate on the screen, simply use the search bar on top or go directly to the option called ‘Ease of Access’ and click on it.

Step 3
Go to the ‘Closed Captions’ option

From the menu on your left, choose the option called ‘Closed captions’ and immediately after that, the menu will populate on the right side of your screen. In that menu you can do the changes needed for the captions type and background too.

Step 4
Make the desired changes on the font

The menu on your right will offer you several submenus for you to do all the changes needed on your closed captions. A preview of how it looks like will remain always on the top of the screen so you can check real time how it will look afterwards.

Step 5
Change the background colors

The background color and transparency will help you highlight the captions on every possible case/scenario. Choose them and scroll up to see how it would look like in combination with your previous selection. Once you´re done, just save your changes and exit the menu.

‘Closed captions can be crucial at times and it is important that they work properly for you. Follow this tutorial as many times as you need to and maximize closed caption benefits.’
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