Question How to check GPU supports UEFI mode

Jun 23, 2022

I am trying to enable secure boot, which is required to play a game, and sent an inquiry to GIGABYTE (the brand of my motherboard). They told me to “make sure the video card supports UEFI Mode”, which got me a bit confused. How can I check if mine does? And if it doesn’t, is there another way to enable secure boot?

PC specs:
Motherboard: GIGABYTE B660 DS3H DDR4
CPU: i7-12700F
GPU: MSI RTX 3070 Ti Ventus 3X 8G
OS: Windows 11
I have two SSD. One C Drive and one D Drive.

Thanks for your time!

Reply I got from GIGABYTE:

Dear customer,
Thank you for emailing GIGABYTE.
We would like to help you with your technical inquiry.
Before set the secure boot please make sure the vedio card support UEFI Mode, otherwise after secure boot enabled would video card not work.

Please follow the steps to enable secure boot on win 10/11.
  1. Boot into BIOS, go to Boot page to disable CSM Support
  2. Go to Secure boot, adjust Secure boot mode to Standard, and make sure the System Mode is at User.
  3. Press “F10” save the configuration and reboot into BIOS again.
  4. Go to Boot page – Secure boot, and enabled the secure boot.
  5. Save and Exit