How to choose a low power consumption laptop?

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Jun 3, 2016
Hello, I am looking to buy a laptop for a daily use. My situation is I have a very strong desktop that consume a lot of power, because I had built it for gaming a long time ago, and I don't really play a lot of games recently. I am a heavy computer user that use a computer like 14 hours a day, for information gathering and education, so I think it is time for me to get a low E-budget laptop that can do all the above task without that much power consuming, not to mention it will save me a lot from my E-bills.

If I am going to buy a laptop for my heavy daily uses:
-Watching videos (Maybe include HD option)
-Browsing websites

Questions are:
1. How to choose carefully to avoid a high power consumption laptop?
(Avoid picking good GPU?)
2. Is there any significant energy consuming in between HD graphic and non-HD graphic card?
(For an example if you use a PC 12 hours a day, does a HD screen laptop consume a lot more energy than laptop that doesn't have an HD screen?)

If you have any other suggestion please let me know!



The low budget laptops should only have igpu which are going to be less power usage than a discrete gpu. Intel is often lower power consumption also taking into account the performance difference. The monitor power difference is too close to matter. You could post which laptops you find and get an opinion here.
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