Question how to choose a safe dedicated password manager and .. is it safe


Make a list of your desired password manager applications' features and requirements. Must have, would like to have, not necessary.

Then do some research and read a few product reviews. Identify two or three products that meet your requirements.

For example:

Next, visit the applicable manufacturer websites. Read the product specs and end user documentation (User Guides/Manuals). Read the sites' FAQs and Forums - if any. Look for what is said versus what is not said.

Keep in mind that you must have a secure and immediate way to access your password list/manager elsewhere if your main computer fails. A backup system or source of some sort.
At work we use 1password and it works well. They actually give you a security key with a code. If you ever forget your password they have the data encrypted so they can't even get you access. In other words, back up the initial security key.

Math Geek

I like that lastpass lets you connect from multiple devices. So all my passwords are easy to get to on mobile, pc, tablet n so on. It's encrypted in the cloud so only you can access it. Been using it for years now n find it a great product