How to choose the right SSD?


May 17, 2016
Hi there
Three years ago I bought a Samsung RC530-S05.
All fine until yesterday, when the computer didn't want to start, remaining stuck on bios screen. I couldn't even enter the bios configuration.
After many attempts, I found out that the HDD is unfortunately dead so I have to replace it.
But the question is: can I replace it with a SSD? And how can I choose the right SSD to mount?
Thanks in advance for the replies.
Hey there, Tony.

Well, you should be able to change the HDD with an SSD without a problem in my opinion. However, when you are choosing an SSD, you should keep in mind that this laptop model is using SATA II interface. This means that it will bottleneck the SSD's speed to 300MB/s. That does not mean that your system won't get a significant performance boost. Everything will be much faster - loading and opening files/apps, booting up etc. You'll also be able to take advantage of the lightning fast access time which SSDs have (compared to that of an HDD).

Basically you shouldn't have any issues with whatever SSD size you decide to get, but it would be better if you confirm that with the laptop manufacturer's customer support, just to be on the safe side.

Hope that helps.

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