How to choose which graphic card my laptop is using?


Aug 19, 2013
Laptop :
-Hp Envy 17 (17inch)
-Windows 8 (UEFI)
-2 graphics card (Intel HD 4000M / GeForce GT740M)
-One integrated and the other dedicated 2G

So i just wanted to know if its possible to easily switch between those graphic card when ever i want.

I know that Gt740M consume more battery then Intel HD 4000. (Anyway, thats why they put 2 graphics card in a laptop i guess) Because i play games on my laptop but i want to use Intel while i use my laptop outside while studying. And it feels badass to be able to switch between them too 8) ~

What i tried:

So ive been searching for info for a day now, and found out pretty much awesome feature i can do with my laptop, and learned a bit on graphic card, but still didnt find exactly what i wanted.

-Right-click desktop / NVIDIA option / 3D settings / global settings / Auto-select to high performance NVIDIA processor

So after i did that, i dunt think my pc is using my NVIDIA Graphics cause i looked up at 2 places and it says that my pc is using Intel HD 4000

(Dxdiag / Display / Intel HD 4000) (Right-click desktop / Screen resolution / Advanced settings / Intel HD 4000)

I also looked at (right-click computer / Manage / Device Manager / Display adapter / and i see those 2 graphics card) And if i disable the Gt740M, it does nothing, but if i disable the Intel HD 4000, I think my laptop's CPU automaticly took 256 MB from my 12G RAM and set it as graphic usage.

I also tried to go in that BIOS thing to change my Graphic settings, but didnt found anything. Someone told me today that Windows 8 has a Different BIOS then other windows. Like BIOS come from that thing called UEFI. A similar system as Mac.

And didnt really find anything about how to change Graphic settings in that UEFI mode XD

Anways, sry for that bad english, i mostly speak french.

Any Info could help me so please reply~ XD
And dunt feel to correct that long text by reading it again lol :p

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