Question How to combine and connect argb fans ?

Jan 5, 2021
I'm unsure on how to connect fans that came with the case and fans I bought separately.

The case I'm getting is the Coolermaster MB311l micro-ATX( , and it already comes with 2 argb fans and a controller. I want to get two more coolermaster argb fans and place them at top-rear and back-rear.

I wanted to connect those two purchased fans alogn with the case fans to the controller that came with the case, but I'm a bit skeptical.

Firstly, I dont know whether the splitter will reach the back and front without putting tons of stress on the cable. Second, I don't know how to connect it to the controller and then the motherboard.

Lastly, if this controller thing doesn't work, can I just connect the fans directly to the motherboard? I don't have a need for the controller, but if it comes with the case I thought I might as well try it.

Also, my motherboard is an ASUS Prime B550M-A (WIFI) so it comes with an addressable header ( )


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Since the case comes with a splitter to allow for up to 3 fans, I'd say that you skip the idea of the forth fan, unless you want to buy an add-on controller for a small chassis just to have one more fan connect to it.

The splitter will allow 3 fans, so the rear exhaust is the place I'd retrofit with an ARGB fan. In fact you're fine as is with the two fans at the front to help push air out through the vents. If you think your temps are suffering, you can drop in a fan. For now, work with the case as is.

As for the connectivity question, follow the manual, here, steps 10 and 11 and you're good to work without the inline controller, i.e, motherboard controls the ARGB.
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Actually, you can use 4 CoolerMaster ARGB fans if you wish. The limit is that the mobo AURA Addressable Gen2 header can supply 5 VDC at up to 3.0 A max load for all fan lights connected to it (see manual, p. 1-3). The way the case ARGB hub (item I in its manual) works is that it has no power source itself, and only distributes the power it receives from the mobo header to its fan lighting cables; hence the mobo header limit is applicable. Now, the web page for that case does not tell us exactly which fans are pre-installed, and you have not specified which additional ones you plan on buying. But based on the photos of the case, I suspect the pre-installed ones are their MasterFan MF120R ARGB models, which have a lighting load spec of 0.34 A each. So FOUR of those amount to 1.36 A load, well under the limit of the mobo header. Thus you CAN use a simple ARGB Splitter like this

to connect two fans to one of the outputs of the case's ARGB Hub. Note that this Splitter has female connectors all around, but it comes with little Gender Changer adapters that you use to convert the four outputs to males.

IF you get that one, you have another couple of options because it has FOUR outputs. One is to ignore the case-supplied Hub altogether, since it does nothing but distribute the mobo signals to the fan lights. That 4-output Splitter does exactly the same thing, but with an added output. The other option pertinent to your concern about cable lengths might be to plug this four-output Splitter into the mobo header, and then plug into its outputs two of your fan lighting cables, plus the connection to the case-supplied Hub using the cable supplied with it. Then you can locate that Hub closer to your other two fans and connect those two to the Hub.

Note that, since you are using the mobo ARGB header to power and control all your fan lighting, you do NOT need to use the manual control box supplied with the case's Hub.