How to combine router and modem/router for 1 network

May 3, 2018
So i have multiple home networks because i have the box that my internet service provider gave us which is a modem/router all in one and a few years ago i had bought a linksys ac1900 router. Since then we have gotten more computers so i had set up an external hard drive that is shared on the network, mainly for playing video files but also for a file storage hub. There are 3 main problems.
1. I have to be connected to one specific network to access the files.
2. when i am streaming videos from my hard drive over wifi, occasionally the video will freeze and will either resume after a few seconds or will disconnect from the hard drive for some reason
3. I want to turn my router into a repeater but i don't know exactly what settings i need to have. I have done alot of research on that but i could never figure out how to do it with different brands. I want to share my printer and my folders across 1 network so i don't have to connect to wifi if my computer is connected through ethernet so help on this would be greatly appreciated
You don't want to turn your router into a "repeater" you want to use it as a AP.

It may have that feature so follow the instructions or you can pretty much use any router as a AP by using the lan port and disabling the DHCP. You will get massive number of hits if you search how to use router as AP.

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