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How To Configure Your Camera Privacy Settings In The Windows 10 System

Nowadays, access to information and it’s privacy are very important and should not be overlooked. It is all over specialized media and the internet how people can get their cameras hacked and be filmed or spied in their own private lives. Since most computers come with a camera, it is necessary to take proper percautions with it. Go through the simple steps of this tutorial and choose who can see your own quotidian life.

Step 1
Go to the ‘Settings’ option on your start menu

Click on the start menu of your Windows 10 and click on the option called ‘Settings’ that will be on the bottom-left of your screen.

Step 2
Choose ‘Privacy’

A pop-up menu will come on automatically and you´ll have many options to change the settings on your computer. From all those options, you have to choose the one that is called ‘Privacy’ and shows a lock as an icon, left-click on that option.

Step 3

Go to the ‘Camera’ option

On the left-side menu choose the ‘Camera’ option that will grant you access to what apps can do with your camera. On the top-right side of your screen, you will have a master switch to turn on and off your apps´ access to your camera. Sliding the button to the left will automatically shut down your camera´s entrance to all apps ever installed on your computer.

Step 4
Choose the status per app

If you use apps that need the camera to work like FaceApp or Skype, you can leave the master switch on and then choose individually which of the apps can access your camera and which can´t by simply sliding each of them towards ‘On’ position or ‘Off’ position.

Be aware that your camera is, most of the times wired in parallel with a small light indicator next to it, to let you know if it is on. If the light goes on and you haven´t started your camera, someone is spying on you. Beware of this and follow this simple steps to preserve your privacy.
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