Question How to connect 5G router to another router

Dec 24, 2022
I have OPPO 5G CPE T1a router which has really basic network options and only two lan ports.
I want to buy another router which I wanna use for vlan setup and network monitoring for example TP-Link ER605.
Oppo doesnt have bridge mode, how do I connect them to work properly?
You do not have many options. You use the WAN port on your tplink to connect to the lan of the OPPO and run router behind router and deal with any issues double nat might have. The OPPO router likely has the ability to use a DMZ/portforwarding option that will solve the vast majority of issues with NAT.
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I didn't look that router up before I responded. I now see it is a mobile broadband router. Almost no broadband connection gives you public IP addresses. This means even if you could get rid of the OPPO router there is another router in the ISP network doing NAT.

So it mostly doesn't matter you can turn off the wifi radios and just pretend it is as close as your going to get to a modem. You can't fix the NAT issue and other than that there is little downside to have a extra router in the path.
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Ok take a step back, you don't have a real "router" you have what is called a "gateway", and that is perfectly fine. You only need a "router" if you are actually handling traffic to multiple subnets and need to do some sort of route sharing / network convergence. All you really need is a network switch to connect more nodes, unless you want to add another wifi subnet.
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