Question How to connect Adafruit 24 RGB LED Neopixel Ring onto motherboard?


Sep 18, 2017
Adafruit 24 RGB LED Neopixel Ring

Is it possible to connect this onto an mini-ITX motherboard and be powered by it without a micro controller?

Adafruit Trinket - Mini Microcontroller - 5V Logic [ADA1501]

If not, can you plug that micro controller onto the motherboard?

5V DC Wall Power Adapter

I don't really want to have a separate wall plug into the wall just for this rgb ring.

The purpose: I just want to slap it on top a stock Intel cooler just like what this person did:


Reason: There is no RGB CPU cooler that is less than 43mm ~ 51mm in height that will fit inside an Inwin Chopin mini-ITX case.

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I don't know how motherboards control RGB strips, so I can't answer your first question.

While you can use microcontroller like this to control RGB LEDs, you'll have to write the software into it. Check Arduino forums for "RGB LED strips". Connect that to a spare USB port. And no, it will play its own tune, won't be controlled or connected to motherboard' LED connectos (if any).

As for powering the LED strip itself, you can hack 5VDC from eg floppy connector for that.
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