How to connect DSL router/modem to router ROG GT

Feb 10, 2019
Dear All,

I want to have AC52u to act as modem only to provide Asus ROG an internet connection. Right now 52u is in different network (0.1) and has dhcp turned on. Rog has adres 1.1 and it constantly log that he cannot obtain wan adress. My felling is that dsl-ac52 is still behaving like a
Router and something is wrong.

How should I connect / configure dsl 52u to have it acting as a simple modem instead of router?
You should be able to run 2 routers behind each other. As long as you set the lan on the second router to 1.1 as you stated it should accept the ip from the main router on its wan port. You could also just hardcode say or something.

You can make the 52u into a modem only but it is messy with DSL. There should be bridge options but with DSL there are a couple ways to do it so you have to hope your ISP has information. Some for example you need to use userid and password. On the second router you would run PPPoE on the wan port.

If you can make it work I would just disable the radio on 52u and set the ip of the second router WAN port as DMZ. This does not solve all the issues of 2 routers but it tends to be easier than bridging DSL sometimes.

I think the first thing to try though it to hard code a wan ip and see if you can get it to work.