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How To Connect Macbook Pro To Bluetooth Headphones

MacBook Pro has gain immense popularity across all parts of the world. Many people instantly liked this MacBook mode since it was much thinner and lightweight in comparison with the other MacBook’s. In addition to this, MacBook Pro has an OLED display, the touch bar, advanced security features. You might want to connect your Bluetooth headphone with your MacBook Pro to listen to audio or watch movies. Here is how you connect the MacBook Pro to the Bluetooth headphone.

Step 1
Turn on the pairing mode of your Bluetooth headphone

Firstly, ‘Turn on the pairing mode’ of your Bluetooth headphone. Be it any mode, you need to turn on the pairing mode. Usually, it can be done by pressing the button for some seconds. as marked in the below image.

Step 2
Single-Click the ‘Apple icon’

Now, ‘Single-click’ the Apple icon as shown in the image. The icon is located at the left corner of the Mac tile bar. Once you click, you will find a list of options.

Step 3
Click the ‘System Preferences’ option

From the list of options including about the Mac, shut down, restart, system preferences, force quit, recent items, click the ‘System Preferences’ option to view the customization settings for your system.

Step 4
Choose the ‘Bluetooth’ Option

In the ‘System Preferences’ window, you will find setting options for the system, phone, apps, time, update, religion, time machine, Bluetooth, sharing, etc. Here, choose the ‘Bluetooth’ option to view the Bluetooth settings on your MacBook Pro.

Step 5
Click the ‘pair’ option

In the Bluetooth setting options, search and locate your Bluetooth Headphone device in the device list. Here the Bluetooth headphone considered is Avantree Audition Pro. Now, ‘Click the Pair’ option to pair the chosen device through Bluetooth.

Step 6
The Bluetooth Headphone device is connected’

If your Bluetooth headphone is working and paired well, you must find that the ‘Bluetooth Headphone device is connected as shown in the below image.

‘You can now easily connect the MacBook Pro system to the Bluetooth headphone by following the above steps’
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