Question How to connect Main Router as Bridge mode to 2nd Router

Apr 7, 2019

My ISP will set my main router which is currently set as DHCP into bridge mode and a second router will be connected to it.

Internet -> Main Router ( -> 2nd Router (

Can you guys pls. verify if what I will do is correct:
Now when the main router becomes bridge mode, I have to double check DHCP is disabled on the main router first and verify its LAN IP address is still set to
I will enable DHCP on the 2nd router with the following settings:

Starting address (I need 4 IP address that are free that I can assign to my network)
Ending Address:
Default Gateway: The default gateway should be and not

And furthermore, there is no need for me to configure the WAN Setup for the 2nd router? This has already been done in the Main Router?
Btw: My ISP Connection type is PPPoE and the ISP gave me the username and password just in case.
It will be almost impossible to make this work with consumer routers in that configuration.

First I doubt you can set the gateway in the second router dhcp to point to the first router. In addition the gateway means exactly that it is the exit (ie gateway) from the local lan to the internet. The device that is doing that function MUST be a router. If you have made the "main" device a bridge it can not do that. Technically it will not have a IP but they sometimes do for management.

In any case the only way you are going to get this to work is to plug the second router WAN port into the main router lan. Set the main router to bridge mode. Since you mention pppoe you will need to configure that on the wan port of the second router.

The dhcp on second router you can leave in its default configuration or change it as you need but it is not dependent on the main router. DHCP and almost all other router type of features are disabled as soon as you set the main router to a bridge.
Apr 7, 2019
oh ok. I managed to make it work.
The IP address of the 2nd router is, i set its default gateway as
I always thought that every device connection in a LAN should have a local IP address, but with the main router set to bridge mode, it doesn't have any local IP address.

My "bridged" router now from its LAN1 Port is connected to My 2nd router's WAN Port. From there, i configured my 2nd router's WAN settings.

Yes i managed to configure PPPoE on my 2nd router with my ISP's information. However due to bad design of gui of my 2nd router it took me over 3 hours to figure out how to activate it (but luckily i did) without any internet access.

I also struggled to configure the DHCP settings of my 2nd router, because I have devices that have been already set with an ip address of 192.168.1.x and my DHCP defaults on my 2nd router were in the format of 192.168.10.x I don't know why every time i try to set the IP address of the router to be and its DHCP start and end IP address to be from to, i can't access the router anymore. But for some wierd reason after a couple of tries, it worked and the devices along my LAN that have already been set to 192.168.1.x were connected.