Question how to connect the fan in MSI MAG VAMPIRIC 100R case ?

Jan 12, 2021
I also have this manual and I don't understand it at all, it says "do not connect ARGB fan to the motherboard." and then a diagram clearly showing all the connections going to the motherboard and even back out from there to the SATA Power.. I suppose I'll just assume it's a typo - or did you discover what it meant? Thanks

I realise I think it means do not connect the additional fan to the motherboard - just use in 'series' ?

(But wait that can't be right as it then shows the fans going to SYS_FAN)

Diagram shows LED Switch going to Motherboard (connecting to SATA i.e. taking power) and then sending to ARGB fans. I'm a bit confused about the RGB bit..
My question is how to connect the fan because in the booklet it is written not to connect to the motherboard, and in the drawing Yes ?
It means -
if you're using ARGB controller, then do not connect ARGB cable from fan to motherboard. You connect it to controller (as shown in the picture).
Fan cable (for powering up motor of the fan) still has to be connected to motherboard.