Question How to connect to a Xiaomi MI mop 2 ?

Mar 19, 2023

I consider to buy a Robotic vacuum cleaner

I see in the articles/pages related to the mi mop 2 that all the settings are accessible trough a smartphone apps...
But the info that I could found miss a lot of information, So I don't know the following ->

  1. Does the vacuum act as an WiFi AP ? and therefore we can connect with any device that have a web browser ?
  2. Smartphone apps:
    1. Does the apps is available as an install file (apk etc..) ?
    2. Do we need an account once the app is installed ?
    3. How the apps communicate with the vacuum ? directly trough WiFi, Bluetooth, or everything pass trough Xiaomi servers ?
Thanks !
I wanted to embed the image but it seem Tom's doesn't allow upload image ?
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Mar 19, 2023
For those who will look for the same as me...

I've had the opportunity to test it with a contact of mine..

It seem that in order to connect on the device you need that app named Mi Home
(so you can't connect with a web browser..)

and this app require you to create an online account to Xiaomi corp..

So as I'm not agree to give my contacts and/or data in order to vacuuming I'll do without it.