How to connect to router using windows 7 laptop


Jul 7, 2009
Your computer has a wired connection so that you can plug directly into your internet source via a network cable (CAT5/CAT5E or CAT6 cable with an RJ-45 tip which is exactly like a phone plug only larger)

If you are trying to connect to a wireless connection, as Saga lout mentioned, you have one built in to your computer. There is a physical switch to enable or disable your wireless: Sometimes this is an actual switch on the outside of your laptop case otherwise it could be accessed by a function key command (you will notice that some of the keys have a different colored icon or logo next to the primary Key Letter/Number. Many times this is either a darker Gray or blue) But it will have a little wireless icon which varies depending on the manufacturer of your laptop: <-- Sony Wireless Function Key <-- Dell Wireless Function Key <-- IBM/Lenovo Wireless Function Key (the F9 Key)

So after you've verified that you have your wireless enabled, then in the lower right of your screen (system tray, next to your clock) there will be a little white icon that looks like a monitor with a plug on the left side, you can click on this and view any availabe wireless networks that you can connect to