[SOLVED] How to connect two devices to one ethernet port

Oct 10, 2019
I live in the student accommodation, which is a studio flat. I have an access to a single Ethernet port mounted in my wall. I have a PS4 and PC. At the moment the console is wired to the ethernet port and my PC is connected wirelessly using a wi-fi dongle.

I would like to connect them both to the Ethernet port. I read about ethernet splitter/combiner like this one: https://www.amazon.co.uk/StarTech-Splitter-Combiner-Required-Connection-grey/dp/B00009XSZE

But apparently in order for this to work I would need to connect another ethernet cable to router, and I do not have access to it. The only access I have is the previously mentioned single ethernet port. Could someone provide a solution (if one exists?)
They need to stop selling that crap. Way too many people thing you can just "split" a ethernet port and look for really cheap solutions. They are used to split the CABLE not the port. As you seem to know you would need 2 ports on the router, it just prevents running a second cable.

If you are very lucky you can buy a inexpensive switch. You can get 5 port 10/100 ones for about the same price as the splitter you list. I would still get a 10/100/1000. You can get a 5-8 port switch for under $20.

Will this work all depends on how many IP addresses you get. If the IP you get is private it is much more likely a simple switch will work. You can either look up what private/public means or you can compare the ip your PC gets from the wall jack to a site like whatsmyip. If they are different you likely have a private ip.

It maybe easier to just call the provider and ask them if you can hook a switch to the jack

Now you could just buy a cheap router and it would work on either but you likely spend $50 for a router.
Without knowing how the network is set up you would either need a router or a cheaper network switch. Call the help desk and see if they can tell you.

You could always buy a router and if instead need a switch most routers will have a switch mode.