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How To Connect Windows 10 To Bluetooth Speaker

In recent years, Windows 10 operating system has been used by many people. Its interactive user interface, graphics, the personalization and security features are widely appreciated. In addition to these features, the graphics and the support for the universal applications is also exceptional. You might want to listen to music or watch a movie with your wireless Bluetooth speaker connected to it. This is easily possible in Windows 10. Here is how you can connect the Windows 10 system to the Bluetooth speaker.

Step 1
Click ‘Windows’ icon

Firstly, click the ‘Windows’ icon at the left corner of the taskbar as shown below. You can access the Windows start menu by pressing the Windows button on the keyboard.

Step 2
Click the ‘Settings’ option

Using the search option, locate and choose the ‘Settings’ option as shown below to access the various Windows 10 settings.

Step 3
Click ‘Devices’ option

In the settings window, you will find the system, device, network, internet, personalization, accounts, privacy, update settings, etc. Here, choose the ‘Device’ settings option.

Step 4
Click the ‘Bluetooth and other devices’ option

In the ‘Device’ settings window, you will see options like Bluetooth and other devices, typing, auto play, connected devices, etc. Here, click the ‘Bluetooth and other devices’ option.

Step 5
Select the ‘Bluetooth device’

In the ‘Bluetooth section, you will find a list of available Bluetooth devices available for connection. Make sure the Bluetooth is ’ON’. Click the ‘Bluetooth Device’ as shown.

Step 6
Click the ‘Pair’ option

Now select the ‘Pair’ option to pair the chosen Bluetooth speaker device with your system.

‘You can now easily connect your Windows 10 system to the Bluetooth speaker by following the above steps’
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