How To How To Connect Windows 10 To The Projector

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Ruchi Bhargava

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Sep 11, 2019

Many people started using Windows 10, mainly due to its extremely interactive and easy interface. Its additional features include advanced personalization settings, support for the universal applications and several new themes. For lectures, presentations, you might want to teach or present a class on a big screen. You will need a projector for that. Here is how you can easily connect the Windows 10 system to the projector.

Step 1
Turn on the projector

Firstly, Connect the projector with a power cord cable and ‘Turn on the projector’ . Then connect the projector to your Window 10 system with the help of a VGA cable. Connect one end of VGA to the projector.

Step 2
‘Connect another end of VGA cable to system’

Now, connect the ‘Another end of the VGA cable to the Windows 10 system’ . So, the VGA cable is used in connecting the projector to your system.

Step 3
Click ‘Windows start’ icon

Click the ‘Windows start’ icon to view the windows-start options. You can also press the Windows key on the keyboard.

Step 4
Click ‘Settings’ option

Locate and choose ‘Settings’ from the list of options to view your Windows 10 setting options.

Step 5
Click ‘System’ option

In the Setting window, there will be setting options for the system, devices, network, accounts, privacy, etc. Here choose the ‘System’ option to view your Windows 10 system settings.

Step 6
Click ‘Display’ option

In the ‘System’ settings window, choose the ‘Display’ setting option to view the available display settings of your Windows 10 system.

Step 7
Click ‘Duplicate these displays’
Scroll down the display settings and choose the ‘Duplicate these displays’ option under the multiple displays section as shown.

Step 8
Projector is connected
Now, you will find that ‘Projector is connected’ to the Windows 10 system as shown.

‘You can now easily connect the Windows 10 system to the Projector by following the above steps’
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