How to connect work laptop from home to work domain network windows 7 pro

the saint

Jun 5, 2011
I have a work laptop that I use on my work network/domain, how do I connect to this domain from home? At home I can be on the Home network, I can get out on the internet but I can’t logon to my work network/domain.on the server, I cant change / add vpn because the network is dns based,the second dhcp comes into play, all communication is lost on the network. Logmein or remote access to another pc is way to cumbersome and time consuming. is there another way? The shared app that is used is resource heavy, and tied to a database on the server, the app is installed on the laptop but needs to be connected / logged in to the network/domain to function. Server is windows server 2003, laptop is windows 7 pro, modem dsl qwest broadband1000 is the access point to the internet


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