Question How to correctly setup windows 10 with a GTX 750TI and TV as a monitor

Jan 1, 2020
Hey everyone
First time posting here, I am been trying to read as much info as possible, tried alot of different things but i cant seem to overcome my configuration problem.

First off, here is my build
Asus ROG Crosshair V Formula-Z
AMD FX-8350
16GB (2x8gb) DDR3 HyperX 1833mhz
Asus GTX 750TI

Fresh new windows 10 pro 64 bit install
I bought the Mobo/CPU/ram who had a 1050ti instead of my 750TI, and he didnt have any problem.

I am trying to run this setup on my Sony 55" HDR 4k TV(XBR-55900E)

When i started everything, i was able to get the 750TI driver to work, but i did not have any sound and my mouse was lagging badly during gameplay(i ran MTG arena to test). So i started looking online to find a fix and while i was trying a few thing, the computer just started lagging like hell. after i rebooted, windows disabled the 750TI saying it couldnt use it properly( code 43)

So, downlowed the guruDDU program, cleaned everything off(did not do it in safe mode tho) tried rinstalling the latest driver, nothing, went back to find some older driver(january release instaed of march) still nothing.
i disabled the nvidia sound output, to let the realtek one work.
installed only the driver, no HD audio component from the nvidia drive, nothing again!
Bios is up to date on the mobo

So here i am, on a very laggy mouse, no working GPU and no sound. Is the TV the problem? the GPU?

thanks for your help guys!