News How to Create a Custom Windows 11 Install Disk, With Only the Features You Need


Jan 11, 2018
Publishing modified iso's (even if no key is included or isn't cracked) by individuals under the semi-annonimity of the internet is already very gray.

Running a website that does it as a service, free, paid, trial or otherwise is going to catch the eye of Microsoft and get a cease and desist best case, worst case get taken to the bank. This no doubt violates some distribution clause in MS Windows rights.

That said I'm not against debloating, I'm just pointing out the reality of this all.
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Mar 12, 2008
It's awesome that there are a number of ways to be able to do this nowadays. M$ OS's have bugged me for a long time. My favourite was 2000 Server. Small, streamlined, basic. No frills or anything to make it look pretty. I'd much rather have a small, basic and fast OS and be able to add the things I want than having SO much crap I don't want and next to impossible to get rid of.
I was also really surprised about the amount of telemetry data that gets sent to M$ with Win 10 and 11. Like, I knew there was a fair amount, but no clue about actually how much. They take EVERYTHING from you and your computer. It's seriously scary learning how much.
Mar 15, 2023
Does windows updates play nice with these modifications? I would have to assume this process would need to be redone periodically. Particularly with the big feature upgrades that come down the pipeline.
It’s all a big waste of time

imagine you do it and then you’re using the system and then you want to use some software that needs other things to be there that are not. And now you’ve got a problem now you have to figure out how to add it back in. What a POS leave it alone and use it.

I guess some people have tons of time on their hands to waste