How to create a gigabit network without upgrading the router

MD Taseen

Sep 21, 2014
I am planning to use something called OBS NDI to stream things from one pc to the other. Both motherboards on both PC's have gigabit ports. But the bottleneck is my isp speeds which are only 10 mbps. It's fine. But I'm using a router model TL-WR845N . It has 100mbps ports. Now when I do use NDI it uses 100 mbps network even though my motherboards are capable of 1000 mbps. I don't feel like buying a router with gigabit ports cause I frankly don't use my current ones wireless capabilities and my internet speed is only 10mbps also. So can I connect my 2 PC's over a Gigabit local network that's also connected to the internet at mbps speeds? without getting an OP router I don't need ?
No expert here but I believe you can use a cross over cable to connect the 2 pc's, assign static ip's, add a second nic to one of them, connect that to your router and use internet sharing? Really want to know the answer to this as well.

Math Geek

your 100 mb port is basically a 2 lane highway. your asking how do i get the benefit of an 8 lane highway (gb connection) without building an 8 lane highway?? the answer is you can't.

you can try the crossover cable as suggested above, or get a router with GB capabilities. but you can't have the benefits of a nice fast network without a nice fast network....
Your best bet if you want to spend as little as you can is to buy a 4 port gigabit switch. They are about $15-$20. You can also get some 8 port gigabit switches like this one for $20 tl-sg1008d

Although you can cable the machines together unless you have a second port to connect them to the router you no longer have internet. There is no such thing as a gigabit crossover cable a normal cable will work....many times if you use a crossover cable for that used to be used for 100mbps the ports will get confused and drop the speed to 100mbps.

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