Question How to create an "expansion" of a gif image ?


Apr 20, 2013
Um... The situation is , I have a gif image (which is not a static image) that I want to enlarge it
in such a way that, for example, four, nine or sixteen of the same gif image in another single gif image of bigger size.
I've been looking for different online tools but hardly find anything which could do this...I've found a tool that could put two gifs side by side, but not one on top of the other. I am doing something like 2x2 3x3 4x4.....
I am not English native hope you understand what I mean. Any advices
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Are all the images to be on one monitor or some grouping ( 2x2, 3x3,4x4) set of monitors?

Will the grouping be changing: sometimes 2x2 or 3x3 or 4x4 etc....?

But all groupings are confined within the same original display area - correct?

How big is each individual .gif image to be?

And the image being shown is not a video or live image but just a simple image/photograph that will change every so often - correct?

Powerpoint may be a viable option. Or some other presentation software product.

Or you could do some simple coding using HTML or Python.

Work out the code to display one image and control where on the screen the image will appear.

Then just clone that code and change where on the screen each image is to appear.
I think he is talking about animgif.
In which case you have to extract all images from every animgif stitch them together with whatever image tool you like (irfanview is great for that) and then turn the new set of images into a new animgif.
If it's just for presentation you could use any screen splitting tool to just display any number of them next to each other.