Question How to Defrag a WD MyCloud EX2 ?


May 17, 2009
Posted on the WD site, but from past experience, I am not expecting a response. :D

I have a NAS setup on my network, all Cat6 connected not WiFi. My NAS is the WD MyCloud EX2 Ultra, and I have 2x4TB drives setup as JBOD not RAID. Each drive shows as a separate drive, one for TV Shows, and one for Movies. My Win10x64 PC is a few feet away, also Cat6 ethernet, and has a removeable SATA drive bay, and the NAS drives are mapped as Y:\ and Z:\... so I have 2x4TB HDDs that I do mirror backups to and keep in a case on a shelf as a backup.

Been fine for years, upgraded from 2TB to 4TB and by next year probably replace all my drives with 8TB thanks to 4k movies and a bigger TV. :D

Anyways... the MyCloud utilities has check disk, format, etc... but no defrag!

After years of add/delete/rename/replacing files, I think a defrag is due. The drives show on THIS PC as mapped network drives so I can add/delete from my PC easily, but right clicking them and going to properties, no TOOLS show up ?

Any ideas? ... any non-Linux ideas?
I don't believe it is possible to do any sector level, or file system level, work on a NAS drive. Your only option is via the NAS's internal tools.

Otherwise you could copy your files to another device, delete the originals, and then copy them back again.