How To How To Delete Photos In Bulk By Resolution

Apr 2, 2019
So you have a sweet new monitor and you notice your desktop background photos look like pixelated jargle and want to delete all of the oddballs, well this is for you.

You may have wondered how to delete photos by resolution in bulk. Well this guide will help you.

It's really short and simple. Open File Explorer and go to wherever your photos are stored, firstly, have your photos displayed in Details View (This Helps), it is directly under the View drop down. then click the View tab at the top.

Now click on Add columns at the top, then click Choose columns at the very bottom of the drop down that then appears.

After clicking that, a menu will pop up that has a huge list of different details that you can apply. (It's quite intriguing.)

Scroll till you see Dimensions, check the box and you're good to go. Your photos should then be sorted by dimension.

If not, then simply click Sort by at the top and click Dimension.

*I have noticed that you have to reapply this method to other folders of photos for some reason...

I know this seems super easy and obvious but I'm an idiot and was awwed when I had to find the solution myself.