Question How to determine what is damaged after water damage? (Hp elitebook 840)

Dec 28, 2020
Hi all,

So a week ago some sweet drink (energy drink) got spilled over my laptop from the top/side while it was running and it was a substantial amount. I did the basic stuff: shut down laptop, remove battery, clean the easily removable stuff together with easily accessible areas and let it dry for 2 days. When I tried turning it on after the 2 days I heard a pop sound as if there was a short-circuit. I can either go to a shop or try to fix it myself(preferably fixing it myself). I looked into the disassembly and I feel comfortable replacing something myself. However I don't know which part(s) is/are exactly broken. I would really appreciate any help to see which parts became defective.

Some additional info:
-The majority of the liquid was on the battery side of the laptop. Only a little droplet touched a single ram stick(the other was fully dry when I checked immediately after the spill).
-when I put the battery in and try to turn it on the fan goes to max speed but I get no display. I cannot shut it down again unless I remove the battery or the battery runs out.

If there is something else that you need to know in order to help me just ask and I'll answer them

I appreciate any help i can get
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Try turning it on without the battery.

The issue with energy drinks, is that they are corrosive, so they could damage many areas in a laptop, even after it dries up.
The motherboard might be the first one to go.