Question How to diagnose a stutter?

Oct 27, 2019
I have a stutter/jitter or dropped frames... idk what it is. I notice it most when playing taxing VR games (asgards wrath) but I feel like it's also there while playing traditional non VR games as well. I thought maybe my 1070 was getting a little long in the tooth so i upgraded to a 2080 super and this didn't fix the jitter. also upgraded my ram from 4 sticks of 8GB ddr2400 to 2 sticks of 16gb ddr4 3200

my specs: i7 7700K OC 9%. 32GB GB 3200 DDR4 ram @1462MHz (16-18-18-38), 2080super. I have two m.2 drives (one houses my OS and the other has games and a SSD as well that has other data. mobo: asus TUF z270 mark2. Dell gysnc monitor @144hz refresh rate.

I've tried turning off all OC. that didn't help. tried turning up overclocking with the CPU. didn't help. OC my ram seemed to make the issue a little better.
I even completely wiped my system and started fresh but this didn't seem to help.

people with lesser setups seem to be able to play asgards wrath without any stutter or a much smoother experience than what I'm getting.

I'm just not sure where to start to try to figure out what's causing this issue. any suggestions on diagnostic tools I could use?
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