Question How to disassemble Crucial x8? I am looking to convert my external nvme ssd to internal nvme

Jan 28, 2022

I have a used Crucial x8 nvme ssd here on top of my ps4 and it’s been barely used since I have a new gaming rig. I was wondering how to disassemble it so I can use it as additional storage for my pc.

I saw it disassembled in the Internet like this

Does anyone know how?
Jul 1, 2022
Hello everyone, considering that of all the resources for extracting this SSD, I didn’t find anything worthwhile, only reviews and a couple of reviews with an open device but without instructions on how, but you can see from the photo that they were picking with a screwdriver, since all the metal was bent and all the paint was torn off , for this I will leave this hint here for everyone who encounters a similar desire to open it and put it inside their PC.

I opened it quite easily without the use of screwdrivers and complex manipulations with them, which lead to damage to the appearance of the device. To do this, you will need a vise (which is exactly what I had at work), or pliers and just clamp the plastic edges of this device, since this is a soft plastic, it compresses without problems under external pressure and at the moment of compression, pull the metal part from it and that's it (it took me less than 5-6 seconds to open the first part without using force).

You don’t need to do anything else, BUT I’ll say right away that you will have to remove both sides of this SSD, since its design is so arranged that it is removed from the back of the device’s connection port and inserted from the opposite side. I hope I wrote not in vain and my hint will help everyone who was looking for information about safely removing an SSD from a drive ;).

Thank you all for your attention :giggle:.