Question How To Do OEM Install of Lubuntu 19.04?

Jul 29, 2019
Hello everyone, I'm trying to install Lubuntu 19.04 on this one computer with 4GB of RAM and a Core 2 Duo CPU. I noticed that the OEM install for 19.04 is broken; as the image was booting up and I pressed one key multiple times and pressed F6 to select the OEM install mode, I went to go install the OS and nothing changed.
I went through a regular installation instead, with the name of the installer not having OEM in the name. I want to be able to let the user put in the username they want since I found out that under the "Users and Groups" settings, changing the name of the user that I was logged in under was a great hassle because of a constant error like "user "___" is currently used by process #". Any fixes or workarounds for this?