[SOLVED] How to do proper PSU cabling

Jun 8, 2018
Hello i am newbie in building a pc and doing it for first time .

Checked dew videos and managed to setup everything including installing MB in case , installing SSD , GPU etc .

Everything is done except connecting PSU cables and fan cables .

I cant find any good tutorial on how to do it .

I have PSU Evga g3 supernova and MB is GigaByte Aorus ultra Z390

Is there any good tutorial on how to do proper cabling and make sure everything done is correct .



All the connectors are keyed so you really can't get it wrong. If you are having trouble plugging in something from the PSU to the computer or vice versa make sure it is the right plug.

In general: CPU power will be a 4-pin or 8-pin (4+4 pin) connector. Not to be confused with an 8-pin (6+2 pin) PCIe graphics power connector.
ATX connector, it is the big one, can't miss where it goes.
4-pin molex (in a line, not arrange in a square) are older and you likely won't have a need for them. But if you do, they are all the same.
SATA power, the replacement for molex, will plug into your drives, pumps, and fan controllers typically.
And your PCIe graphics power cables. Either 6-pin or 8-pin, to any graphics cards you might have. Occasionally high end motherboards will have ports for these to provide additional power to the PCIe slots.

If you are talking cable management, my rule of thumb is take as long a path as possible, preferably behind something. When done properly the cables will only be visible briefly where they connector to the motherboard, GPU, or component and disappear into the chassis. Not always possible. You also want to have wires crossing over each other as little as possible.