How To Download And Install Network Adapter Drivers For Windows


Our computing devices may be equipped with the latest hardware when it comes to networking connectivity though all hardware is rendered useless when you don't have the right drivers at your disposal. Be it due to a clean installation of OS or a corruption of it therein. There is a need for a specific drivers for aforementioned components and more so for networking hardware. This tutorial will show you how to download and install network adapter drivers on a Windows platform.

[listNum=1]■Identify the make and model of your networking adapter by looking through your motherboard manual(if the networking adapters are built in or come bundled)

manufacturer's site for specifications

or that which is inscribed on your wireless networking adapter

If it's a laptop, you can open the back cover without voiding warranty to take note of your wireless adapter.

■Drivers for aforementioned networking adapters can be found off motherboard manufacturer's site and more often on the brand partners site.
The EVGA Z97 Stinger comes with an Intel i217-V Ethernet NIC(Network Interface Card) and drivers can be found here

likewise you can download Intel PROSet Drivers from Intel's site

while the same applies for Realtek/Broadcom/Atheros/Killer powered Networking adapters.

■Download and save the file(s) onto your storage device in a suitable destination.

■Locate the executable and run in an elevated command, i.e; Right click installer and Run as Administrator. If the file is a compressed file, extract then locate the executable in the extraction folder.

■Click on Next to proceed and follow the prompts to complete with the installation.

■Click on Finish to exit installer window.

You may be prompted to reboot your system. If so then do so immediately for changes to take place at the next startup.[/listNum]

You have now successfully installed your network adapters drivers for your Windows platform.