How to download from pc to usb stick

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Transferring Files From a PC


Determine the amount of data you need to transfer. You can find this by right-clicking on "My Computer" and clicking "Properties." It will show you the exact RAM size. This will help you decide the appropriate size of the flash drive.

Note that a majority of flash drives are plug-'n-play on the latest PC operating systems. Plug the flash drive in the USB port of your CPU. Wait until the system detects the drive.

Go to My Computer. Locate the flash drive icon and click on it. Doing so will open the contents of the drive.

Open the location of the files/folders you wish to share using the flash drive.

Look for the plus sign (+) on the flash drive icon if you are transferring files without opening the drive's folder. Release the mouse as soon as the plus sign (+) appears. This signifies that the data is now copied to your flash drive.

Verify that the data/file is stored by double-clicking the file name in the flash drive explorer window.

Ensure that you do not disconnect the drive directly from the machine after you have finished storing the files, as it may distort the data.

Go to the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon situated at the bottom of the Window's tray. Click "Eject" or the "Remove the Hardware Safely" option when finished.

Click on "Stop." Wait until the "It is now safe to remove the hardware" message appears.

Unplug the flash drive from the USB port, as the files/folders have been properly stored.

Use the flash drive to copy the data to any machine you want. Attach the drive to the machine, transfer data from the drive to the computer and detach the drive.

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