Question How to duplicate my desktop setup 20 feet away - ubuntu- two Dell monitors ?

b whe

Apr 14, 2013
I use ubuntu 22 with two dell monitors in my living room on a desk and the setup is comfortable. However , I have recently set up a green screen (green fabric) in my dining room and I would like to be able to make some videos from the dining room by using a keyboard/mouse on the dining room table - and I would prefer to still be using my living room computer to run everything. There would be webcam needed in the dining room and I can extend that with a long usb cable. Mouse and keyboard are no problem. I want to leave my two Dell monitors in place but then have an easy way to walk to the dining room and use two more monitors. I am not sure if I would need to have my computer being able to drive 4 monitors simultaneously or would I maybe have a switch that would toggle between the two rooms? I wonder if there is sort of a repeater thing that will split and copy my existing monitors? Any ideas appreciated.


20' USB and HDMI cables aren't uncommon. I see no reason why that'd be an issue. You can have multiple keyboards/mice connected to a PC at once. Otherwise a USB switch would allow you to "disable" one of the KB&M setups when not in use.

Driving >3 monitors could be a challenge. IIRC, most dGPUs can do 3 at once. Possible to do what you need with a single monitor at the green screen?