How to eliminate password at sing on



I have a problem to eliminate my
password from my log on on my pc


Dec 4, 2009
What exactly do you mean by you have a problem with removing the password? Do you mean you have a problem removing it "after" you signed in or do you mean you have a problem removing it "before" you signed in? (meaning you forgot your password or your trying to break into a account)

If your the valid owner of the computer use your vista opperating system disk or any other one that is the same version, ie. if you Have Vista Ultimate then you can use any Vista "Ultimate" disk for this.

Insert the disk, boot the computer from its DVD-Drive with the Vista disk. Go through the steps as if your trouble shooting, then when you get to the upgrade adviser page, look at the bottom left of that screen, click on the "repair" link.

Now Vista will give you a few options...
Choose the Command Prompt one, when its up, type in "net user".
Next, you will have to use the name of the account you wish to change the password to, type in "net user Administrator *".
In this case I'm showing how to change the Administrator password as a example.
After pressing enter you will see it will ask you for a new password now, now simply just press enter leaving it blank since you want to remove the password, after hitting enter, it will ask you to confirm, hit enter again and your done

Hope this helps, scream if you need any more help