How to enable cat 5e ports in my apartment (without paying the apartment to do it)?

Jun 5, 2020
I know this is constantly asked, but I still am not able to figure it out. I know my apartment has the ability to wire ethernet over the cat 5e ports, because they said they would set it up for a fee when I first moved in. However, I always hate paying for something I can probably figure out and do myself.

Below are the pictures of my panel.


I guess my main question is: Do I need to buy a switch and plug an ethernet cord into every port to enable it around my home?

Also, can I plug my modem/router into any of the coax cables coming out of the panel?

Thanks so much for help in advance!
Yep, you need a switch. Alternatively, you can put your router in there, but it probably will affect the wifi signal--but no issue if you won't be using wifi off your router.

Yep, you can do that as long as that coax is also connected to the splitter from the demarc cable, ie source cable.

You're lucky--I had to re-punch down the wires in my apartment because they had everything punched down to a telephone block. :rolleyes: I had to get my own cat5e block, punch it down, put in my own switch--but it worked great after that. :D