Question how to enable network adapter and usb hub

Jul 16, 2019
i recently purchased usb hub and fan hub sinc this motherboard has less usb and fan sockets.
h170 pro gaming motherboard
i7 6700 cpu
cooler 5 pro case
Antec TruePower TP750 Power Supply

i have 5 fans, 2 front, 2 top, 1 back and only using 1 top, 1 back, 1 front since motherboard has only 3 fan socket. so i bought one of this
i connected to the motherboard and pcie3.0x1 slot , but psu doesnt have sata cable so i can connect to this cooling port controller

since this motherboard has only 4 x PCIe 3.0 x1 slots and 2 are covered by the gpu rx 570
1 was already being used by lan adaptor card, and since i didnt have sata cable for the fan hub i didnt use it. so i plugged the usb hub

but this usb hub was abit bigger, so i swapped the lan cards pcie slot with usb hub, however when the pc was turned on none of these devices worked. although i could see light when plugged the ethernet cable to the lan card, and i also could see external driver light when plugged in usb hub but couldnt see the drive itself in my computer, neither the mouse or keyboard worked.

i tried enabling some options in bios but nothing helped. thinking of that it might be one of the pcie x1 is disable or usb port etc .
i then unplugged the ethernet cable and used onboard lan card and it works. but lan card still doesnt work neither the usb hub

sorry if its confusing but i hope you get it
thank you