Question How to enable samsung m.2 nvme


Jul 20, 2018
Ok so I am new to m.2 and domt know much about it. So I bought a 250gb Samsung 970 evo plus m.2 nvme to replace a 120gb ssd I used somewhere else. So I install it to the mother board and the booted into bios it wasnt showing up in my booth priority was my hdd, only not sata ssd and boot manager were showing in boot priority. So I just booted up and as I read online before installing I went into partitions and enabled the drive and instead steam and uplay. Because I just upgraded to am4 parts a couple days ago I was still installing drivers and after a restart the m.2 isnt showing up as a drive or even in the partitions manager. Also the restart was to enable MSI RAID could that be why? I have a Msi x570 mobo, should I go into bios and changed the sata mode from SATA -> RAID, will my other sata ssd and hdd still work if I change sata mode to raid in bios? How should I set this m.2 up to get it to work properly. Also not sure if it make a difference but this is in the non gen 4.0 pcie as it is not a gen 4.0 m.2 drive. Thank you for any input or advice