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How To Enable The Game Mode In Windows 10

Windows 10 is perhaps the first operating system by Microsoft thought for everybody who can use a computer. This time, it is the turn of the gamers out there who might be having a bad experience on Windows due to background applications. Game Mode (new for Windows 10) puts your game as your computer´s first priority optimizing every resource you have.

Step 1
Open the “Settings” menu

Open the Settings menu on your Windows 10. Go to ‘Start’ menu or just type the word “Settings” in the search box.

Step 2
Open the “Gaming” menu [/b

Now simply click on the “Gaming” icon.

Step 3
Go to the “Game Bar” option

This is the first option and will populate on the left side on your screen at the moment you enter the “Gaming” menu; make sure the Game Bar is set to “On”. Do not go to the “Game Mode” option because it is a residue from older versions of Windows 10 where there used to be an On/Off switch that´s no longer existent.

Step 4
Open the Game bar

Press the Windows key and the letter G together and the gaming bar will come up automatically. Sometimes, when the Game Bar comes up, it will ask you if you want to open, put a tick on the box and press the enter key.

Step 5
Turn on “Game Mode”

If you are using an XBOX, click on the XBOX icon on the far-left side and start the game mode in your computer. Otherwise, Gaming mode has already started.

Step 6
Make the game mode automatic for your favorite game

Click on the “Settings” icon from the gaming bar and enable the first option called “Use Game Mode for this game” and Windows will automatically engage it whenever you start your game.

Say goodbye to lagging and fighting with your games with this brand-new feature of Windows 10 and make your computer work the best for you at all times.
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