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How To Enable The Home Button In Windows 10 Microsoft Edge

Edge is a Microsoft recommended web browser that comes pre-installed on most Windows devices. Enabling the home button can help you quickly navigate to a default web page or a new tab just with the click of a button. Follow these simple steps to have the home button enabled in Microsoft Edge.

Step 1
Open ‘Microsoft edge’
Open the ‘Microsoft Edge’ application and click on the ‘three-dot icon’ at the top right of your screen

Step 2
Select Settings.

Step 3
Enable the Home button

Click the toggle bar under ‘Show the Home Button’ to On.

Step 4
Set you Homepage Url

You can also customize your home button to show a specific web page or start a new tab page. Click on the Start Page dropdown and select the appropriate action that you would like.

Step 5
You can now notice that your home button is enabled on the top left-hand side of your Microsoft Edge browser.

After following these simple steps, you can easily activate the homepage button on your Microsoft edge.
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