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How To Enable The Narrator Option In Windows 10

The narrator is very important for those who need the computer to read to them because can´t see the screen. Microsoft has invested a serious amount of time and resources in making its “Ease of Use” menu better than ever and users have responded favorably. Read on, follow these simple steps and let Windows Narrator guide you through your Windows experience.

Step 1
Access “Ease of Access” menu

You can do this by performing two different actions: You can either open the Start menu on Windows and simply hit on the “Settings” icon on the bottom left of your screen or simply type “Settings” on the search bar that´s on the bottom left. A screen will come right up with a plethora of options from which you have to choose “Ease of access”.

Step 2
Go to the “Narrator” menu

There is a menu on the left side of your “Ease of Access” window where you will find the option named “narrator”. If you click on it, the content on the right side of your screen will populate with narrator fine-tuning options.

Step 3
Turn on the narrator

Under the words “Use Narrator” you will find a slide switch to turn it on or off. If you slide it to the right, automatically a blue square will appear reading what´s inside to you.

There is a tutorial at hand under the name “Learn Narrator basics with QuickStart” that is very useful and also the option to turn it on after or before sign-in for those who need help signing into their device.

Microsoft included some good updates to help people who has physical impediments use their flag product. According to users, this side of Windows is looking better than ever.
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