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How To Enable The Option Of Freeing Up Space In The Windows 10 System

Windows 10 offers extended support to universal applications. This is one of the most vital features of the Windows 10 system. The user interface of this version of Windows is very interactive with advanced personalization and security features. Windows 10 has the ability to automatically free up space for the users. Here is how you enable the option of freeing up space in the Windows 10 system.

Step 1
Single-Click the Windows start icon

Firstly, make sure to ‘Single-Click the Windows start icon as shown in the below image. The Windows start icon is located at the leftmost part of the Windows taskbar.

Step 2
Click the ‘Settings’ symbol

You will find plenty of options as shown in the below image. Choose the ‘Settings’ symbol to view the different system and device settings of your Windows 10 system

Step 3
Click the ‘System’ option

In the settings window, you will find the system, gaming, phone, apps, time, language, update, security, etc. Here choose the ‘System’ option to view and customize the system settings of your system.

Step 4
Single-Click the ‘Storage’ option

In the ‘System’ settings option, there will be settings related to display, sound, tablet mode, notifications of your Windows 10 system. Here, Single- click the ‘Storage’ option to view the storage options that are available.

Step 5

Enable the automatic freeing space option

Now in the storage settings window, enable the automatic free up space option by switching on its ‘toggle bar’ as shown below. On doing this, Windows will be automatically freeing up space by getting rid of some files that are not required. Usually, the temporary files and files in recycle bin are removed.

‘You can now easily enable the option of freeing up space in the Window 10 system by following the above steps in a sequential manner’
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