How To How To Enable The Windows Defender SmartScreen On Microsoft Edge Browser In Windows 10

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Ruchi Bhargava

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Sep 11, 2019

Unrecognized apps and files are basically spyware that is software that can gather your data from your device. While surfing the web, you are in constant danger of spyware infestation. Hackers try to exploit user interaction with ads and legitimate software with trojans. But, you can still detect malicious and dangerous apps from ever being downloaded to your device with a Smart screen defender that Microsoft Edge has.

Here’s how you can protect your device from unrecognized apps and files that are downloaded from the internet.

Step 1
Open Microsoft Edge

Edge is Microsoft’s recommended browser and you can activate it by typing Edge on the Start Menu search bar.

Step 2
Go to Settings

Once you have opened Edge, click on the three dots located on the top right corner of the browser and select ‘Settings’ from the available options.

Step 3
Click on Privacy & Security Settings

Click on ‘Privacy and Security’ from the left menu bar on the drop-down setting menu.

Step 4
Enable Windows Defender Smartscreen

Scroll down and enable Windows Defender Smart screen option to protect your device from malicious downloads from the internet.

This is how you can prevent unrecognized apps and files from being downloaded from the internet.
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