Question How to extend wifi network to cover the entire house?


Feb 9, 2017
I currently have a modem/router combo device from Verizon (the Verizon MI424WR rev. I) which I have placed in my office at one end of the house on the second floor. The wifi strength at the other end of the house is weak as expected. I can't move the modem/router since multiple devices are directly connected to it. I'm not sure what the best option is for me. From my searches I've seen the options of using a range extender and creating a wifi mesh network but I don't know which option is best for me or if there is another better option. Anyone able to help? Thanks in advance.
Since the modem/router is on the second floor just run a few cables up into the attic. I would poke a hole in the ceiling and add 2 ubiquiti AP's will look like smoke detectors, depending on the size of the house i would move them about 1/3 of the way in from the ends of the house.

I run 2 in my house on the same SSID and when walking from one end to the other you will just jump to the highest signal strength without even noticing.


I don't own the house so that can't be done either. What is the best option that does not require modifications to the house?
I would try powerline network with built-in WIFI access point -- This will use the home's power wiring in place of ethernet cabling.

I do not recommend using extenders except as a last resort.

Is there any coax cable installed? MoCA network adapters might be an option if there is coax installed that can be used.