Question How to figure out what the best internet is for gaming on NAE servers while living in the UK

Sep 24, 2019
i was wondering how i would go about finding the best way to get low ping on NAE servers. I live closer to NAE than a friend and he gets 80 ping and i get 130, i am on virgin media with 200down and 30up and he is on BT with 30down and 30up.

any help is greatly appreciated.
There is no way to be sure since you can get different latency even in cities very close to each other. How different ISP are connected together is data that is generally not available to public users. Your only way is to have the different ones installed and try them yourself.

It doesn't really matter as long as it consistent or is say more than 250ms. What causes much more issues is if the latency change constantly.

Too many gamers believe someone with low latency has a advantage. Modern games are not that stupid they put in artificial delays to give everyone similar delays inside the server.

Fortnite is almost silly to talk about latency. The RNG factor is going to out weight any possible advantage of low latency even if it existed.